12 carat RUSSIAN EMERALD w/CZ accent 14k gold pendant •P018


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This stunning 16x12mm, 12 carat, Russian Nanocrystal Emerald sits in a 14k gold basket. I gotta admit, I really like our Russian Nanocrystal Emerald. Color so intensely green they're just hard to believe. Sparkles like crazy. Just a really good stone, and a fraction of what the mined stuff would sell for. You and can both handle these... Just to be clear, these stones are actually Russian Nanocrystal Emerald, which are not true emeralds, but you'd be hard pressed to ever find a true emerald that looks this nice and if you did, you'd be hard pressed to pay for it. In plain English, this is simply a very pretty stone, and it's well mounted in this gold pendant. Gives me goosebumps just to look at it.. A single CZ accent above the stone at the bail -- altogether, a nice package. (If you want something beside the CZ Accent, let us know...) Please note the thickness of the gold. This is a good solid mounting. A full year warranty on workmanship Unconditional 30 day guarantee. Our jewelry is custom made when you order. Please allow 3 days for silver and 7 days for gold. And we might surprise you and ship the next day! :)