14K Solid White Gold Cushion And Round Cut Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring Bridal Halo Propose 2.00


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This is the perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond, these stones are internally flawless, D in color and brilliant in cut with lots of shine. ** We use the finest diamond simulated in the market. They are finished through the same cuttings and brilliant polishing techniques that real diamonds undergo during production. Our simulated diamond shine bright like real diamonds! These are not natural diamonds, but are made to replicate the look and shine of a D color and flawless natural diamond and are cut exactly the same way. They will last a lifetime when properly cared for. Total weight is 2.00ct. Item Information: Center Stone: Carat Weight: 1.50ct Clarity: VVS Color: D Cut: Cushion, excellent cut Side Stones: Carat Weight: 0.50ct Clarity: VVS Color: D Cut: Round, excellent shine and luster Metal: 14k solid white gold (available in yellow or rose gold for same price please choose from material menu) Appraisal Value: $2,300.00