Alexandrite Necklace, 0.17 Carat Certified Alexandrite Pendant, Color Change Genuine Natural Real June Birthstone Sterling Silver AP22


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This alexandrite necklace features a natural earth mined alexandrite. Alexandrite is one of rarest and most highly sought after gems in the world. It features a fascinating color change phenomena, appearing green or blue in daylight and purple, pink or red in candle light. I consider myself fortunate to have recently been able to source a small parcel of genuine alexandrite gems at a reasonable price. It has been well over a decade since the last time I came across an affordable parcel of them. The alexandrite in this pendant is blue-green in fluorescent light and demonstrates a strong color change to purple when viewed under candle light additionally it has a lovely clarity. The setting and 18" chain are made of solid sterling silver. The necklace is brand new and was appraised by Federal Gemological Laboratory Of Canada. The appraisal will be included and describes the alexandrite as follows: "Shape And Cut: Oval Weight: 0.17 ct Species: Natural Chrysoberyl Variety: Alexandrite Colour: Green Transparency: Transparent Luster: Vitreous Refractive Index: 1.74-1.75 Identifying Characteristics: Internal M.S.R.P: $375.00 CAD" ***This item will be sent in a high end wood jewelry box***