AQUAMARINE Sterling Silver Men’s Ring •SR168


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This 3.3 carat Aquamarine sits in 6 grams of Sterling Silver nugget ring. We offer White Gold and Rose Gold for the same price! Aquamarine is such an interesting gemstone. It's in the Beryl family, along with Goshenite, Emerald and Morganite. This Aqua's in the light-to-mid range of color. That's basically a cost factor. If you want the really dark material, let me know, but it more than triples the price. What we're aiming for is the most bang for buck, the most color and still be a price range most folks can handle. We think we've accomplished that. Decent color, decent price. Like I said, if you want the really high dollar stuff, let me know -- we can do that. We'll do our best to make you happy (but your wallet's going to gripe about it...) This ring just looks great! This ring is a nice design, with a strong, heavy nugget pattern -- a rugged design, something you're NOT going to mess up. Ring sizes from 3 - 16 in quarter size increments Ring sizing is FREE! 30 day unconditional guarantee 1 year warranty on workmanship Our jewelry is handmade and usually ships within 3 business days.