Baltinester Jewelry Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Ani Ledodi Hebrew Wedding Band Wide Ring


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This is an extremely well designed ring. The bulk of it is in silver, with just a little bit of gold. The base of the ring is silver. The finish is shiny and reflective. The rims of the ring are in brilliant yellow gold. The gold is shiny, but has a subtle, muted look. Yet, it adds remarkable character to the rest of this lovely ring.
The legendary Hebrew verse "Ani L'dodi V'dodi Li", an ode to your beloved has been oxidized in black color across the silver outer surface of this ring. If you wish, we can have any other verse oxidized for you. Oxidization makes the letters of the inscription stand out and, against silver, it looks great. It is truly a lovely way to express your love for your partner. This ring is ideal for weddings, engagements or if you just wish to recapture the moment you fell in love for the first time.

width: 10.3mm/0.4"
thickness: 1.97mm/0.07"
Materials: 14K Gold, Silver

Available inscriptions:

Option 1 - אני לדודי ודודי לי
Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li (I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine)

Option 2 - כי אל אשר תלכי אלך
Ba'asher Telchi Elech (For where you shall go, I'll go)

Option 3 - זה דודי וזה רעי
Ze Dodi V'ze Re'ei (This is my beloved and this is my friend)

Option 4 - אהבת עולם אהבתיך
Ahavat Olam Ahavtech (I love thee an eternal love)

Option 5 - אם אשכחך ירושלים
Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim (If I forget thee O Jerusalem)

Option 6 - יברכך ה' וישמרך
Yevarechecha Hashem V'yishmerecha (May G-d bless you and guard you)

Option 7 - גם זה יעבור
Gam Ze Ya'avor (This too shall pass)

Option 8 - שמע ישראל
Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel)

Option 9 - וארשתיך לי לעולם
V'erasteech Li Le'Olam (And I Will Betroth Thee Unto Me Forever)