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Forged copper ring with a solid inside sterling silver lining.
Cool mens ring and awesome rustic wedding ring. Perfect to be worn every day. With this ring you can enjoy the beauty of copper while not having to worry about stained fingers.
> copper silver ring in the width of your choice - 6mm to 10mm wide band possible
> overall approx. 2.5 to 2.7mm thick ring band
> made to order in your ring size
> the dark oxidized finish is going to wear into a lighter tone, creating a unique surface
> you can personalize this ring by adding an inside engraving
This silver and copper ring has a wonderful rustic character. The inlay is handforged from 2.0mm thick copper. An inside lining made from sterling silver covers also the edges of the ring. Round smooth inside edges make this ring very comfortable to wear. Hammered edges and dark oxidation supports the overall rugged and rustic character of this ring.

This ring is made to order in your ring size. Fully handmade so no two rings will ever look perfectly the same. Therefore you will receive a different, yet very similar ring to the one shown in the pictures.

PLEASE NOTE: This ring can not be sized down. The very dark patina of the silver and the copper will wear into a lighter color over time. Copper will oxidize over time naturally. Each persons skin will react differently with copper to give the ring a unique patina over time. As these rings are not cast but formed from a sheet of metal there is a solder joint as a fine line. All of my products are 100% handmade, so there may be slight variations from the image. Each piece of jewelry is absolutely unique ... the beauty of handmade.