GOLD Mala/Necklace in 14kt Yellow SOLID GOLD/108 Mala Yoga/Gold&Natural Stones Mala/108Mala Jewelry/Men Mala/Women Mala/Meditation Mala Yoga/GOLD Fatima Pendant


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14k Solid GOLD Necklace and semi-precious stones Materials GOLD beads 14K (585), 3mm, Fatima Pendant GOLD 14k (585) 12mm Black Onyx & Blue Lapis beads 6mm, Description The Necklace is made from 14 K (585) YELLOW GOLD beads with striations and semi-precious stones beads. The golden beads will put the bracelet in evidence and add value besides being in fashion. Both the golden and the semi-precious beads resist in time to water and external factors and do not lose their brilliance This model has an adjustable closure system which offers the possibility of adjusting the length of the Necklace and also has an increased degree of resistance compared to the models on elastic. The Necklace is comfortable for everyday wear and will not lose its shape in time. This Necklace could be worn as a single jewelry or in combination with other bracelets for women or men. Adjustable size 18inch-20inch Unisex Model I can manufacture different models according to customer preferences: different stones, colors and sizes.