Handcraft Pure Yellow Jade NZ Toki Power Symbol Mens Jewelry


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Symbolic Meaning:

Toki (Adze)

Toki is the Maori tribal symbol of strength. This symbol resembles determination, control, strength and focus honor. Its shape represents an axe head.
The Toki (adze) was used by the Maori as a everyday working tool for shaving and chipping and sometimes as a weapon. Special, ornate adzes were traditionally carved in stone and passed down as a heirloom.
The Toki had much meaning to the Maori, fashioned from stone or greenstone it was an essential tool for survival and day to day life of a Maori tribe. That's the reason the Maori attribute the spiritual meaning of strength and power to the Toki.


Carved From Chinese Jade (Nephrite)

Approximate Size: 55mm(2.17") by 15mm(0.59")

Cord/Chain Material: Wax Cord

Hung On An Adjustable Length Cord 420 mm(16.5″) -600 mm (23.6″)

Comes With Wood Box, Polishing Cleaning Cloth and Burlap Gift Bag.

* Item Pictured Is The One You'll Receive