JANECKA Freshwater Cultured Pearl Rosary, Hand Forged Sterling Silver Cross, One of a Kind


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JANECKA Cultured Pearl Rosary with Handcrafted Sterling Silver Cross
Hand Forged Cross and Centerpiece by artist B Janecka.
10 -11 mm freshwater cultured white pearls and 12 mm round sterling silver beads
This rosary/necklace is hand strung using freshwater pearls and sterling silver beads.
The circle of the rosary measures 32 inches the length of the rosary from end to end is 25"
The handcrafted cross is 2 x 1.50 inches.

The Rosary in its current form is a relatively modem invention, having evolved over many centuries.
It is likely that Christians from early times counted their prayers by moving pebbles from one pile to another, and subsequently by pulling beads or knots along a string or by turning a prayer wheel a spoke at a time.

Simply wearing a pearl reminds the wearer to be honest, pure, wise and to walk with the utmost dignity.

February and June is the month of the Pearl

Comes packaged in a Silver Metal Gift Box with various design paper cover.