Lucky Acorn Pendant Bali Harmony Ball Chime Sound Necklace Sterling Silver 30″ Chain LS6922


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Lucky Acorn

Acorns are considered to be a good lucky charm, a symbol of growth and unlimited potential. Carrying an acorn is believed to protect from illnesses, aches, and other pains.

This acorn is also a Harmony ball, which it makes a chime sound as you roll it on your palm, the beautiful soft chime soothes the wearer, which bring balance and peace of mind.

The making of the harmony ball is very unique. A few tiny metal balls nest inside a middle ball, this middle ball then nest inside a larger ball. The middle ball has different length of slits cut into it, which works like a tiny metal xylophone, when the little metal ball that bounces around, hitting different slits, creating soothing chimes.

Harmony ball is also known as Mexican Bola, Druid Bell, and Angel Caller.

Style: LS6922 (Large Acorn)
Quantity: 1 piece
Size: 22mm (diameter), 32mm with bail, 925 hallmarked on bail)
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Marked 925 inside the bail.

The chain:
925 Sterling Silver 1.3mm Rolo Chain with 925 sterling silver Clasp.
Length: 30 inch

Gift Box for gift giving ready.