Multicolored Amber Necklace, Natural Baltic Amber Beaded Necklace, Unpolished Amber Jewelry, Boho Necklace, Mediterranean Coral Necklace


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Trendy Multicolored Baltic Amber Necklace With Coral and Turquoise Beads. Necklace on thread handmade of unpolished Baltic amber, turquoise and coral beads. Necklace closes with a amber clasp. Material: Genuine Baltic Amber/Coral/Turquoise. Amber size: Ø 14 mm. Length: 44 cm (17"). Weight: 57 g. Color: Multicolored (cherry, yellow, milky white, orange, coral). Each necklace is a work of handcrafted professionals who have a years of experience in this field. All amber bracelets are made of genuine organic Baltic amber, only can vary by size, color, shape and length. It is not an artificial or plastic amber substitute.