Native American Necklace, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Hand Made High Grade Serpentine w Sterling Silver


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Beautiful Santo Domingo Pueblo necklace. Hand made with high grade light green Serpentine stones and Heishi shells. Traditional tie closure. Meticulously hand polished tube shaped stones. Made to last as heirloom jewelry.

This necklace was purchased directly from Joe Garcia, a member of the Santo Domingo Pueblo tribe, New Mexico. Santo Domingo Pueblo is named for St. Dominic, the village celebrates an annual feast day on August 4th of each year to honor him. On that day, residents of the Pueblo and other pueblos participate in traditional corn dances. Santo Domingo Pueblo is located in Sandoval County, New Mexico, about 25 miles (40 km) south of Santa Fe. Most of the residents of the Pueblo are Native Americans who speak a dialect of the Keresan Language. Much of the Santo Domingo jewelry made today is very similar to Anasazi jewelry found in digs at Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. Some of the jewelry found in these digs is more than a thousand years old.

Santo Domingo Beads are very fine and of high quality grade, some of the best heishi on the market. The word "Heishi", is from the Keresan word meaning "shell," and traditionally referred to shell beads.

Traditional tribal art work, intricate details. A definite conversation piece.

Total length: 28 inches (end to end)

Weight: 96 grams

Collectible quality work of art, passed down for centuries within the Santo Domingo Pueblo tribe. A special complement to any collection!