Natural 14ct Green Amethyst 925 Solid Sterling Silver Pendant 35mm


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Handmade, natural product Stone: Prasiolite Amethyst/ Green Amethyst Metal: 925 Solid Sterling Silver . Prasiolite (also known as green amethyst and green quartz) started in the earth as the purple amethyst quartz stone that many of us know and love. Prasiolite is that very same purple quartz only transformed through heat into the cool green beauty that we see here making it the perfect metaphor for the transformation through fire that we experience when reaching higher states of consciousness; and it's qualities reflect this journey. While still retaining the protective powers of purple amethyst, prasiolite serves as a bridge between the heart and the crown chakra - connecting our individual self to the higher universal consciousness that we are all a part of, and that is a part of all of us. Prasiolite helps manifest spiritual ideals and idea into being in our everyday life.