NFC Smart Ring titanium and carbon fiber woven at 45º. Unique and industrial black wedding band. Water resistant hypoallergenic. (04905_8N)


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Fashionable and masculine. This NFC Smart Ring made of titanium has a central band of carbon fiber woven at 45º. The combination of these materials makes it extremely resistant.

To make this beautiful ring we used:

Titanium: as hard as steel but much more lighter.

Carbon fiber: similar properties to steel but lightweight like wood or even plastic. Higher resistance to impact than steel.


* 504 Bytes | Compatible with all NFC-capable phones.

* Lock and unlock your smartphone or tablet quickly

* Store Data from certain Video game saves

* Store a web address that will take any NFC smartphone right to your website (or Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

* Store your Credit Card Issuing Bank's Contact Number and stick on the back of your Credit Card to easily call them up if you have any issues.

* Automate repetitive tasks on an NFC enabled smartphone. (example: Turn Bluetooth off, turn Ringer off, unlock screen, etc.)

/// Finishing ///

Exterior: polished, dome, twill.

Interior: matte.

/// The width of the ring is 8 millimeters ///

All of our rings are 100% handmade with extreme attention to detail and high quality materials. Every ring is unique. They don't lose their color, they don't rust and they are resilient to water, sunlight and they are hypoallergenic.

/// If you'd like to make any changes to a design, please send us your request through "Contact" ///

/// Every ring is hand made after each purchase order, thus it'll take one week to be shipped out ///

/// We ship worldwide ///

Shipping is through DHL.

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