Seaxwolf Sterling Silver Grand 14 Gauge Byzantine III Bracelet


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Handcrafted Byzantine Jewelry

Make a bold statement with this grand 14 gauge sterling silver bracelet in our signature Byzantine III design. This elegant, thick chain is for the man or woman who like to wear bold jewelry. Smooth as silk, and shiny as liquid silver, your new Byzantine is guaranteed to become a conversation starter.

♥ Byzantine is our signature bracelet, an ancient design we've been hand crafting for over 20 years. We've been honing our craft since long before these chains became popular. This may be the reason why people who are familiar with this design rave about the way our bracelets feel, from the weight of the bracelet, to its liquid movement in your hand and on your body.

We have three thicknesses in our Byzantine III design: 18 gauge is our thinnest, 16 gauge is a bit bolder, and 14 gauge is grander still.

Handmade by SeaXwolf out of solid 925 Sterling Silver.

Note about sizing: we recommend selecting a size that adds 1/4" to your wrist measurement if you like your bracelets snug, or add 1/2" if you like your bracelets a bit looser.

Product Details:
925 Sterling Silver
Handmade by seaXwolf

7.25" - 10"
Weight: 2.14 oz - 2.93 oz
Gauge: 14°

All seaXwolf chains are made to be signature pieces, meant to be worn all of the time. The more you wear them, the better they get; they become more pliant and begin to take on a sheen and color that is unique to the individual.