Shimmy Hawaii rare genuine Sleeping Beauty turquoise necklace, silver


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A blue so dazzling it could only occur in nature, our precious Sleeping Beauty turquoise is the real deal: it comes from the now-closed Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. What's more, unlike most turquoise, genuine and false (and most of what is labeled "turquoise" is not), our turquoise is only treated with the Zachery method, which is non-coloring, non-injecting, and the most gentle of all treatments (raw turquoise needs to be treated for jewelry in order to maintain its integrity). Each piece of turquoise sits on a dainty, sparkling pendant and is paired with its classic mate, sterling silver, on an exquisite textured rectangle-link chain.

Custom chain lengths: 14in, 15in, 16in, 17in. Model is 5'8" with a medium frame and is wearing 16 inch size.

- Solid .925 sterling silver chain, faceted beads, wire, and hook clasp

- 6-7mm authentic natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise nugget bead

Aloha. Our central core value, other than to make sublime and affordable demi-fine jewelry, is to treat the environment with the utmost respect. In keeping with local traditions, we're dedicated to being as gentle as possible to the land and oceans. In our studio, we use recycled, eco-friendly, sustainable materials and methods whenever possible.

When you order from us, you'll receive a package that is entirely biodegradable and compostable inside and out, including our jewelry cards made from fallen palm leaves, paper made from sugar cane, and plant-based clear wrapping sleeves.

Surrounded by the rainbow palette and sparkling beauty of the natural world that informs our designs, we continue to deepen our commitment to the environment--and when you buy from Shimmy Hawaii, you help us do that. Mahalo!