signet ring family crest Symbol Logo Handmade Made In Italy


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Buy this Custom Signet Ring if you REALLY want to wear a personalized ring with the engraving of your family crest, a logo or a symbol that is important to you.

This custom signet ring it is designed and produced in Italy.


  • Bezel 16 mm
  • Thicknesses 1.52-2-3 mm
  • Side width 7 mm


  • Shiny silver
  • Sandblasted silver
  • Satin silver
  • Polished anthracite silver
  • Sandblasted anthracite silver
  • Anthracite satin silver

how is your ring made?

I design the ring made to measure for you and then I'll show you the 3D images complete with finishing.

Production takes place in 6 steps:

  • 1. 925% silver casting
  • 2. cleaning the ring
  • 3. Engraving of the symbol of Leonidas
  • 4. Finish
  • 5. I send you photos of the complete ring to show you the work done
  • 6. The shipment starts with total insurance on the value of the ring

Inside your ring you can engrave your symbol, a date or a sentence.

  • Production time: about 20 working days
  • Guarantee: design, production and materials are all made in Italy and the jewel is guaranteed in all its parts
  • Returns: returns are accepted if at the time of delivery the object does not conform to the photos sent before shipment and confirmed by the customer, or if it shows immediately found breakages.
  • Shipping: takes place in 48H by courier with full insurance on the jewel.
  • Personalization: you can engrave a name, initials, a phrase or a logo inside the ring.