Sterling Silver 925 Viking Rune Necklace Tiwaz Tyr Pendant with Celtic Knot and Raven Heads/Pure Solid Silver- No Plated/Victory Symbol/Norse Amulet/Nordic Runic Jewelry for Men Women/Handmade


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The Scandinavian variants of Runes are also known as Elder Futhark. Runes have magical powers. They could predict the future, counteract harmful forces, provide various qualities, or they could be used in incantations, curses and magic spells.

Meanings of Tiwaz (or Teiwaz): this is an extremely positive rune signifying victory, success, justice, proper action and respect along with the courage to act. In love meaning Tiwaz is a rune of emotional happiness. It signifies a growing passion that is meant to last the test of time. It is bravery in love, and knowing someone is right for you.
Tiwaz is a warrior rune named after the god Tyr who is the Northern god of law and justice. Tyr is a one-handed god with a long history, and his hand was sacrificed to trick the wolf, Fenris, into being chained. Tiwaz is just victory according to the law of accumulated right past action. Tiwaz will bring about a correct balancing of the scales so that you are assured a fair hearing and fair decision. Do not be thrown off balance by the chaos of your environment. Like the North star, you must remain true and calm, assert your case with confidence and let the energies of your orlog assisted by the force of Tiwaz bring about a right solution.

Pendant Size: 1.5"x 0.9" (38 x 23 mm)
Pendant Weight: appx 5.7 g
Material: Sterling silver (925). Oxidized for deeper contrast.
Double-sided unique pendant widely decorated with celtic knotwork.

Shipped with free high quality waxed cotton cord 28" (70 cm)
Packed in an elegant labeled pouch and ready to give as a gift.