Sterling Silver Tiny Sand Dollar – Small, Double Sided – (Charm Only or Necklace)


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- Size: 18mm Long, 11mm Wide (SMALL!!)
- Material: Hand Cast Solid Sterling Silver .925
- Double Sided: Detail on Both Sides
- Sterling Silver 4mm Jump Ring
- Sterling Silver Chains are Optional
- Production Time: Ships in 1 Business Day
- Comes in a Small Box with a Bow, Ready for Gift Giving

About the (optional) chains:
❤ 1.5mm Cable Chain:
Light and delicate, best for single charms or small pendants. (If this one isn't listed as an option that's because the pendant is too heavy.)
❤ 1mm Box Chain:
This a great medium weight chain for some of the larger pendants but also works well with one or more of the small charms.
❤ 2mm Cable Chain:
Great "all-purpose" chain. You can use it for one small charm or a whole bunch of medium sized ones! (If this one isn't listed an an option that's because the bail on the pendant is too small - the loop on this one is a little bit bigger than the other chains.)
❤ 1.5mm Box Chain:
This is the heaviest we carry and is great if you want to make a bit more of a statement.

About Chain LENGTH:
❤ 16 Inch is best for small and/or younger people. Fairly short but not quite a choker.
❤ 18 Inch is the standard "all-purpose" length and the best one to choose if you a picking out a gift and are unsure which to get. (Most men will need at least an 18" or longer.)
❤ 20 and 22 are great in-between lengths - not too short but not super long either. These are great for layering!
❤ 24 and 30 inch are "over-the-head" lengths if you love longer chains or just don't like messing with clasps!

All chains are SOLID .925 Sterling Silver - made in Italy.

All charms/pendants/earrings are hand cast with love in the USA.
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