Turquoise Ring Carico Lake Faustite Green Sterling Silver 14k Gold


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This Modern Marquise Style Carico Lake Faustite Green Turquoise ring was fabricated in my studio using 14k gold and sterling silver. This Carico Lake Turquoise Faustite cabochon is spectacular in person. The cabochon is set with a 1/8" tall .999 Fine Silver bezel. The top and bottom beads are solid 14k gold. They are soldered on a 26 gauge sterling silver plate. It has a sterling silver 12 gauge rectangle ring band. The Ring is approximately 7/8" ( 21.9 mm ) long x 1/2" ( 11.9 mm ) wide and weighs 4.5 grams. Due to the unique fabricated construction of this Sterling Silver rectangle ring band I am unable to resize this ring. I have carefully measured the ring size as accurately as possible and posted it in this listing. This ring is a size 6 1/2. This Gem High-Grade Carico Lake Natural Turquoise Cabochon measures approximately 17.2 mm, by 9.4 mm. Carico Lake turquoise is named after the location of its mines on a dried up lake bed in a high, cool area of Lander County, Nevada. Its clear, iridescent, spring green color is due to its zinc content and is highly unique and collectible. Carico Lake turquoise is also found in a dark blue-green color with a black or brown, spider web matrix. The less common lime green turquoise which is suspect to actually be predominately faustite, is very valuable due to it scarcity and demand. It is hard material. This mine is also known to produce rare psuedomorph clams that are filled with turquoise. Comes with a certificate of authenticity, and care instructions for natural turquoise.