Watermelon Tourmaline Earrings 4.70 Carat Bicolor Wire Dangle Sterling Silver Certified Natural Real Genuine October Birthstone BE3


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These bicolor tourmaline earrings feature a pair of genuine earth mined tourmaline. The settings and ear wires are made of solid sterling silver. This item is brand new and was appraised by a gemologist at the Federal Gemological Laboratory of Canada. The appraisal will be included with the earrings and describes the tourmaline as follows: Shape And Cut: Step Weight: 4.70 ct Species: Natural Tourmaline Color Grade: Watermelon Transparency: Semi-Transparent Lustre: Vitreous Refractive Index: 1.624-1.644 Identifying Characteristics: Internal M.S.R.P: $1,400.00 ***This item will be sent in a high end wood gift/storage box***